More and more Wandsworth homeowners are making their properties bigger by adding an impressive top floor. This spacious extra floor is created by a mansard attic extension.

A mansard attic extension merges so well into a property; it’s hard to believe it wasn’t always part of the house. Mansard roof refurbishments create loads of extra space. They are a desired and elegant feature in a prestigious property.

They are named after the acclaimed 17th-century French architect Francois Mansard.

A mansard gives you the most space, the greatest headroom and adds a whole extra floor to your house.

Why choose a mansard roof extension?

  • Gain a useful extra floor
  • Create the most living space possible
  • Doesn’t look or feel like an attic extension
  • Highly versatile space
  • No limits on furnishing
  • Choice of finishes to suit your house

A mansard is the perfect attic extension for:-

Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian period homes.

Large semis, detached properties, bungalows chalets and terraced houses can all be made a whole floor bigger with an attic refurbishment.

What is a mansard attic extension?

A mansard is the mark of excellence in attic conversions. More space than you dreamed possible becomes reality. They are pleasito on the eye, adds to Wandsworth’s impressive skyline and increases the value of your home.

They usually involve 1 or sometimes 2 sides of your roof being transformed into a new construction. The finished construction boasts what appear to be straight walls. The walls do tilt in slightly (72 ) as this enables them to be classified as a roof rather than a wall by local authorities. This slight tilt is only noticeable on close scrutiny. A flat roof completes your new structure.

Voila your roof has morphed into comfortable living accommodation with plenty of headroom.

Why Wandsworth home owners love a Mansard:

  • Aesthetically Improves a home’s exterior
  • Fits the architectural character of Wandsworth
  • Acquire versatile and practical living space
  • Elegant new upstairs
  • Gain utmost space
  • Increased comfort and better standard of life

A mansard attic extension is perfect for:

  • Luxury bedroom suite
  • Self contained flat
  • Home cinema
  • Family relaxation room
  • Home gym and spa

A mansard roof refurbishment is not the cheapest attic extension, but it brings greater benefits to a home than a budget roof conversion.

It requires major structural changes to your roof. It must be undertaken by experienced professionals. Wandsworth Lofts are the local mansard specialists.

Mansard attic extensions are covered by our 10 year warranty

Planning permission is necessary for a mansard roof refurbishment. No worries. Gaining planning permission is all part of our service.

A mansard empowers you to move up instead of out. It’s a win-win. You will get a lot more space for your money by heading skywards instead of moving house

Doesn’t your family deserve the extra space?

A mansard extension adds circa 20% to the price of a Wandsworth property

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