Many of Wandsworth’s family homes are semis, detached houses or end terraces. These types of properties usually have a hip roof. A hip roof has 3 sides which tilt down. Hip-roofed houses can accommodate an attic extension.

Wandsworth Loft conversions are local experts. We have successfully transformed hundreds of hip roofs into extra living accommodation.

A hip to gable roof refurbishment is the answer to gaining extra space if your home has this type of roof. We are local hip to gable roof extension specialists.

Why choose a hip to gable attic extension?

What appears to be a small loft space has the potential to become a major part of your home. A hip to gable roof refurbishment is the most effective way to add an extra level of living space to hip-roofed properties.

  • Most chalets and bungalows can usually take a hip to gable roof extension.
  • Hip roof
  • Detached property
  • Semi
  • End of terrace
  • Chalet or bungalow

These extensions don’t generally require planning permission.

What is a hip to gable attic extension?

Hips are the sides of a roof that tilt down. If your home has a roof with 3 hips then 1 or more than 1 of its hips can be turned outwards and transformed into a gable. This means you gain a vertical wall and more space inside.

These extensions should only be undertaken by experts who specialize in this type of roof refurbishment.

Detached properties can often have a double hip to gable extension. This gives twice as much extra space.

Why Wandsworth home owners love a hip to gable:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Tailored to blend into your property
  • Versatile
  • Increases living space
  • Suitable for any range of furniture
  • Enables a seamless staircase to be fitted

A hip to gable is ideal for:

  • Self contained flat
  • Couple of extra bedrooms plus a bathroom
  • Ensuite boudoir
  • Family chill-out zone
  • Spa-inspired bathroom
  • Gym and fitness zone
  • Art studio or music room
  • Library

Get a return on your investment

Why not rent out your extra space? A one bedroom Wandsworth flat could earn you over £300 a week in rent. If you don’t have elderly parents waiting to move in and your kids have moved out; what’s stopping you?

This type of attic extension gives you a huge advantage when you decide to sell up. Buyers are hooked by homes that offer extra space. Adding a hip to gable extension to a detached, semi or end terrace property increases its value considerably.

A hip to gable roof extension boosts your home’s selling price.

Join the hundreds of families who enjoy an elevated view of Wandsworth Common. Wake up to sunshine streaming into your new ensuite boudoir. Give your family some extra space by moving up, not upping sticks.

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