Does getting more space without moving home sound too good to be true? Wandsworth Lofts can make it happen. A dormer loft conversion replaces the dark area under your roof with stunning, light filled rooms. A dormer gives you the space you desperately need without the stress and expense of moving house.

Wandsworth house prices mean that you are going to have to fork out a fair bit to move up the property ladder. Moving costs alone can be an eye watering £10000.Then there is the stress caused and time involved in uprooting.

Head up not out. A dormer attic extension is an investment in your property. Isn’t the cost of a dormer a small price to pay for the value it will bring to family’s comfort and wellbeing?

A dormer will increase the value of your property by many thousands of pounds.

Why choose a dormer?

  • Wandsworth’s most preferred attic extension
  • Variety of styles and shapes to suit any house
  • Generous headroom
  • Pocket friendly

Planning permission not necessary for dormer roof extensions

What is a Dormer attic refurbishment?

A walk around Wandsworth usually involves taking in the common and appreciating the leafy lanes. Take a closer look at Wandsworth’s architecture. Give Wandsworth roofs a glance. You will discover that lots of Wandsworth houses benefit from a dormer roof extension.

A well constructed dormer roof extension is an artful addition to a home. These days’dormers definitely don’t look like the boxy edifices of the 1980s. Dormers have come a long way. Nowadays dormer attic extensions are much more aesthetically pleasing.

From the exterior a dormer doesn’t reveal just how much space it holds. A dormer extension gives a home the greatest possible amount of genuinely habitable extra space.

A dormer is cube shaped. This means that you benefit from straight vertical walls, a flat ceiling and loads of headroom.

A dormer roof extension often morphs into the largest and most spacious room in your home.

A dormer is perfectly suited for a skylight window. There is nothing as wonderful as sunshine flooding in through a skylight; except falling asleep beneath a starry sky.

Why Wandsworth home owners love a dormer:

  • Value for money solution to lack of space
  • Planning permission not required
  • Suitable for almost any type of property
  • Quickly constructed
  • Maximum head space

A dormer roof construction is ideal for:

  • Boudoir with bathroom
  • Double bedroom for guests
  • Family room
  • Home cinema
  • Library
  • Roomy office
  • Baby room with space to grow
  • Granny flat
  • Bedsit for teenagers
  • Gym and fitness space

A dormer roof refurbishment is the best value for money home extension. It gives you a lot of practical space and offers a multitude of uses. A dormer will help you sell your house faster and get the best price possible for your property.

Wandsworth Lofts are your local roof refurbishment specialists.

You could be enjoying your new dormer loft extension in as little as six weeks

Want to know more? Call us on 0800 123 4567 to book your free consultation. Dormer not right for your home? You can view all available conversions here.